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Oo ! I’m a teacher :)

I’m graduated from the university and I’m an English teacher now. It’s my second year. I’m working in a collage. I have young learners and they’re so lovely:) Yes, let’s start to tell about teaching and learning with them 🙂

My student’s age groups : 4-5-6 ! We have bilingual system here. It’s like story time. It lasts 40 mins. and during the first 10 mins the homeroom teacher starts the lesson by telling something about the subject or asking questions or a short activity. By the way the first 10mins totally Turkish. And then I go on with my story book which’s in target language. It lasts 20 mins. Sometimes I read the book in 5 mins and then I carry on an activity or we watch video and something else. The last 10mins belong to homeroom teacher. She has to finish the lesson by an activity or finger puppets. Turkish+English+Turkish.

BUT, I can’t manage this process in one class. It’s my horror story. Whenever I attempt to do this lesson, the HRT always unprepared and unwilling for the lesson! So, I want to kill myself in that minute ! Children understand everything in classroom environment, I have to behave as if I’m so happy and I don’t mind 😉

Sometimes it’s too difficult to deal with kids. When I go to class, they start by shouting ” I’m thirsty!!!!” , ” May I got to the toilet????” . By the way, yes you can believe that I never speak Turkish in classroom environment, toilet, corridor and anywhere else.. They know it and they think that I don’t know any Turkish word. The students that know me from last year think that I forget to speak Turkish this year. :))) And they’re trying to communicate with me by speaking English. They’ve learned classroom language at least.

When I ask ” Have you finished?” they answer ” Yes” or ” No”, When they need they can ask ”May I go to the toilet?”, or they can say ”I’m thirsty, I’m sleepy.” When ask ”Who is absent today?” they can say  the names. It’s so good and they’re trying to translate all my sayings to each other. They love to hear any confirmation word from me about their translations.

Yes, that’s all for now:) We’re at the end of the day:) See you another gossip about my lessons:)

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Final Week :(

It was the final week. It’s so bad for me, because I liked this course very much and I learned lots of things about technology and how to use it. Sedat Hoca is so good teacher, good friend and… I think I’m so sad because of leaving this school and this course and Sedat Hoca. At the beginning of the course I didn’t like Sedat Hoca’s tasks and himself a little:) BUT, I learned that I should be careful about deciding on people. Sedat Hoca is a real example for me. This lesson is not unnecessary. It should be compulsory in every university and each prospective teacher should learn how to use technology in teaching/ learning environment as we learned from Sedat Hoca. It was a process and I liked each step of this process. I believe that I will use all of my learnings in my career in everywhere and everytime. I think I should thank for shaping my life, teaching effective usage of technology and everything to Sedat Hoca. 

I hope to see him when I teaching people his tasks and saying people his sayings. I believe that he will be so happy for this. 🙂 

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Second Life

Second Life is a virtual world in internet. It is a site a kind of program taht enables people to create online environment. As teachers, we can use second life to create teaching/ learning environment for our students. Students need to work online rather than work on textbooks and any other written materials. In this program they have a chance to work free or cooperatively. We can use microphones and speakers in this environment. As in real classrooms, students work in groups or individually and they can ask their questions freely. We can create enjoyable environment for them and for us as well. 

Sometimes students don’t want to ask their questions about the lesson in front of the class. With the help of this program they feel more comfortable about this. They can ask their questions or tehy can answer our questions without any hesitation. They will eager to work colloboratively and cooperatively. It helps teachers in preventing time-consuming and balance the students’ attention span. 

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Podcasts are different ways of digital teaching. They enable people to listen or watch some videos or listening tools for any purposes. Especially in teaching language, it can be used for attractng students’ attention. It is so important for teachers. They should use it in teaching and learning environment. 

They can be used in novel, TV, videos r anything you need. It’s one of digital tools that helps people in any area. It’s available in ”audioboo”. You can get an account here and record your voice or you can add videos or anything you want. 

Technology helps us in each area of our lives. Podcasts are the ways of technology in our lives. We should use it actively in our classes as teachers. 

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Creating and Joining Online Groups

Mostly, people need to be informed in any topic online. This need leads to create some groups. Creating a group enables people to be informed in a short time and share their ideas lots of people in that moment. Facebook, google and yahoo groups are created for the same reason. People need to work cooperatively, but they are far away from each other. So, the online groups provide an opportunitiy people to work together on the internet. They can do anything on their work by sending the files each other or they can work on the same file at the same time. They can prepare presentations on the internet by working cooperatively. It prevents time-consuming as well as it’s economical in terms of money. 

Joining these groups is also easy. You can add yourself one of groups and wait for approving. When someone adds you in a group you can added it otomatically. If you don’t like this, you can leave that group. 

I think these groups can be used in language learning as we use in ELT department. Students like being online. So we can share our tasks online and we can announce exam dates, tasks or some problems about our course and whatever … So, we should follow the inventions, development in technology. 

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Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling is not new thing for me. It is really fascinating program that we can use for any age group. We can create digital story in movie maker or in storyjumper.com. They are easy ways of doing this. We can add pictures, videos or sounds on it. We can write explanations on each picture. So at the end of the work we can add sound and we can finish our story. If we want to work on it later, we should save it as a project, if we want to finish our film we should save it as a film. So it enables us to work on it later or use it in that moment. 

If we want to use storyjumper, we have a chance to add pictures and then shape them according to our needs. We can add our writings on the pictures or page that is empty. We can fix shapes and colours of our writings. In that website, there are directions that enable us to create our book accurately. We can follow the instructions. There are lots of applications as well as movie maker. We can add pictures, writings, videos and whatever we want. 

I’m sure it will help us in any area of our lives. It gives a chance to attract our little students’ attention. It also helps us to create different ideas in our high level students. So, as teachers we should use these programs and advice everyone to use them. 

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facebook & twitter

Facebook and twitter are social networks. They enable us to communicate people online. When we use them actively we can learn news on popular. We can follow everyone and everything freely and easily. It’s very useful. Some people wouldn’t prefer facebook or twitter because of some reasons. BUT, I think if we use them according to our needs it doesn’t damage us. 

I use only facebook, but I will have an account on twitter. Twitter is very enjoyable social network also. It enables us to follow people online and share our ideas freely online. We can follow news and make comments on them on tweeter. 

On facebook we should share our ideas, pictures, videos and anything as well as on twitter. It has some features. If we want, we should fix its security options and etc. So, it provides secure communication.

I think, both of them are useful for us to share something or follow someone or something online. It’s very useful for both teachers and students when we use them in education. We should use social networks for better teaching and communication. 😉